Who to thank

JDiagnose exists solely as a result of many fine Java projects out there. Here are some of them that have been used in this project. If any specific licensing requirements have been missed, please let me know.


Many thanks to SourceForge for hosting this project. Even more thanks for hosting the myriad of other projects that have been invaluable.


Hibernate deserve more than thanks for the finest persistence framework out there.

Spring Framework

Thanks to Rod and co. who brought us the Spring Framework


Maven for making building things that much simpler.


The Apache Foundation and especially the Jakarta projects.

Doug Lea

Doug Lea for his remarkable concurrent packages.


Thanks for bringing us Java, JavaSoft, please let me know which licenses, trademarks, copyrights, intellectual property or patents JDiagnose has breached.

Open Source Java everywhere

Thanks to everyone who's released a Java project as Open Source.