Release History

2.0 27 May 2005
2.0-beta3 22 April 2005
2.0-beta2 10 March 2005
2.0-beta1.1 4 March 2005
2.0-beta1 3 March 2005
1.0 1 August 2003

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Release 2.0 - 27 May 2005

update Session Scoped Remote Systems dkfn
update Database not in memory by default. dkfn

Release 2.0-beta3 - 22 April 2005

update Importing dkfn
update Querying historical results dkfn
update Web Trail dkfn
update Various bug fixes dkfn
update Duration Graph dkfn
update Switch Systems dropdown dkfn

Release 2.0-beta2 - 10 March 2005

update Moved to velocity dkfn
update CSV result logging dkfn
update Log4j CSV logging dkfn
update Histogram dkfn
update HttpSender bug fix dkfn
update SmtpConfig dkfn
update Synchronization updates dkfn
update Further Sitemesh Spring integration dkfn
update VelocityToolboxViewReso lver dkfn
update Close DatasourceDiagnostic connections dkfn

Release 2.0-beta1.1 - 4 March 2005

update Fixed the build to include all the war resources dkfn
update Synchronisation updates dkfn
update Changed from mockRemoteSystem to inMemoryRemoteSystem dkfn
update Javadoc updates dkfn

Release 2.0-beta1 - 3 March 2005

add Added Support for Remote Diagnostics dkfn
update Refactored Diagnostics dkfn
update Updated the database to support remote diagnostics dkfn
update Massive updates to the JDiagnose Web project to support Remote Diagnostics dkfn
add Created an Interceptor, Template and Proxy Diagnostics for diagnosing live runtime calls dkfn
add TimeLimit diagnostic dkfn
add Http and Multicast remote senders and listeners dkfn
add Asynchronous sending of remote results dkfn
add More Documentation dkfn
add Smtp support for remote diagnostics and diagnostic summaries dkfn

Release 1.0 - 1 August 2003

add JDiagnose local infrastructure dkfn
add JDiagnose core project dkfn
add JDiagnose web project dkfn
add JDiagnose library project dkfn
add Library of diagnostics dkfn